Walter Barnes - portrait by Stanhope Forbes

Walter Barnes - portrait by Stanhope Forbes.

From the 9th June to 8th September 2007 there was a Stanhope Forbes focus exhibition at Penlee House.

Walter Barnes Port-1

PAG77665 #199 The Violinist: Walter Barnes, the conductor of the Penzance Orchestral Society,
c.1933 by Forbes, Stanhope Alexander (1857-1947)
Penzance Orchestral Society, Cornwall, UK
English, in copyright until 2018

Cornwall at the Royal Academy, London, 1934

Cousin Jacks who visit the Royal Academy this year will be pleased to see two old friends represented on the walls – one by his work and the other by his portrait. The first is Mr Stanhope Forbes, the Newlyn RA, and the other is Mr Walter Barnes of Penzance, the father of music in Cornwall. Mr Barnes is a good subject for a portrait. The instincts of the artist were aroused by his strong features and marked character. An interview took place, then sittings, and the result is an exhibit in the Royal Academy which is a credit to both.

But that is not the end of the story: music lovers in Cornwall are delighted with the painting; they are deeply appreciative of the work Mr Barnes has done for music in Cornwall and in order to show it they have started a public subscription to purchase the picture so that it may be kept as public property and a permanent memorial of Mr Barnes' service to the community.

[As reported in The Western Morning News on Thursday, April 19th 1934]

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