John Morgan Hosking

John Morgan Hosking (1946 - 1981) was a former pupil of Walter Barnes, and it was Walter's wish that he should become conductor.

Conductor : John Morgan Hosking (1946 - 1981)

Morgan Hosking

Morgam Hosking was a pupil of Walter Barnes. His name first appeared in that capacity on the programme for the 72nd and 73rd concerts in November 1936.  The programmes for 1940 and 1941 still show his name, but he is identified as being ‘on service’.  It had always been Walter Barnes’ intention that Mr. Hosking should be his successor - in preparation, he conducted the Junior Section of the orchestra - but the war years prevented this for some five years and Mr Maddern Williams conducted the orchestra during this time. 

In 1946, when Morgan Hosking returned from active service in the Navy, Maddern Williams resigned so that Mr. Barnes’ wish should take effect.  Thus the 108th concert was Mr. Hosking’s first appearance as regular conductor.

His last concert was the 233rd in April, 1981.  Thus, he conducted the orchestra for a period of 35 years.  He handed the baton to David Ball, when many thought he was too young to ‘retire’.  When asked why he decided to retire, he said he wanted people to say, “Why did he go?” not “When is he going?”.  He died in 1993. 

In 1959, J. Morgan Hosking - Ylowvester (Master of Music) - was made a bard of the Cornish Gorseth for services to music in Cornwall.

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